About Chris Vincent

My first experience programming was at the ripe old age of 10, when I hacked together little games in BASIC on the old Apple II's at school. Soon, I moved on to HyperTalk, and by 12, I was learning C with the help of a book called "The Black Art of Macintosh Game Programming".

Before long, I began mastering web technologies, and was possibly the youngest to have an official design (Outburst) selected for the venerable CSS Zen Garden, a site dedicated to spreading the good news about the end of spacer GIFs and table-based web layout.

The joy I found in building useful things with technology has only grown over the decades. From the startup scene in San Francisco, through periods of independent consulting, I've built innumerable software solutions using a wide range of technologies, including Ruby on Rails, native iOS apps, APIs, and single-page applications using React and other cutting-edge front-end frameworks.

I presently work as an independent consultant. To find out more about the skills I have to offer, and to get in touch, please see the Services page.

About This Website

Machines Are for People is hand-crafted in Ruby on Rails. True to its name, the site has been designed with the reader in mind, with clear readability on any size screen, fast load times, simple navigation, full-story RSS entries, accessibility best practices, and a tracker- and cookie-free experience (unless night mode is used, which is also provided as a consideration to the reader).

I believe in the ability of technology to enhance human enjoyment and potential, both for users and makers of things. But this doesn't happen on its own! It requires a conscious effort working from a principled foundation.