Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails changed the world when it entered the web development scene in the mid-aughts. Before then, most web applications were developed in the XML dependency-injection false utopias of J2EE, or in the spaghetti jungles that defined the state of PHP at the time. I was in the latter camp until, in the process of looking for a new code editor, I came across the now famous Build a Blog in 15 Minutes demo showcasing the beta version of Rails.

More than a decade later, Rails continues to adapt to the changing needs of startups, and remains a solid choice for rapidly bringing minimum viable products to market, as well as a steadfast technology platform in larger and growing companies. I have worked with Rails at every scale, and while the framework has aged, it has both remained a trendsetter and kept up with emerging technologies and best practices in its class. With age, Rails has only gained maturity.


In much the way Ruby on Rails revolutionized the way our industry developed complex web applications, React has emerged amongst a cohort of other frameworks to tackle growing complexity on the front-end in a revolution that is still ongoing.

After experiences working with frameworks such as Backbone, Ember, and Angular, I found React to be the most productive, and for 7 years I have worked on React projects ranging from individual components within heterdox environments to full-on single-page applications.

Other technologies

My interest in technology has always been greater than simply the tools in front of me, and my professional experience has only fueled my desire to always be learning and developing my range. I have done spectacular things with MongoDB, tinkered with Unity and C#, and hacked on Elixir and Phoenix. I consider software and computing, rather than any particular framework or paradigm, to be the core of my expertise.

Open source

Open source is a beautiful tradition in our industry to which I am always happy for the opportunity to contribute. See my GitHub profile. In particular, check out uMessage, an iMessage web server that solved the problem of wanting to access my messages away from my Mac, and Elite Command, a browser-based, turn-based tactics game with heavy JavaScript on a Rails back-end.

If you'd like to get in touch about a project or anything I've written in my blog, don't hesitate to email me:

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“We brought Chris in to analyze our application’s use of MongoDB and enhance our performance. He was thorough, efficient, and left each part of the code he touched better than it was before.”

- Brian O'Rourke, CTO at Stovepipe Studios

“Chris single-handedly built our entire app, which included DevOps, back-end, and front-end development. ‘Full stack’ developer would be an understatement.”

- Max Schwartz, CEO at Sweetstakes

“Chris is by far one of the hardest working and friendliest people I've had the pleasure of working with. In every project that I've worked on with him, he has very quickly exceeded any expectations. It's always a pleasure working with Chris.”

- Brendan Miller, UI Designer at Cloud City Development